Product Review Snackbox By Foodee

My friends over at Foodee started a new program called Snackbox. Snackbox is quite innovate, creative and on point with the current health trend that is sweeping the city. Being active and eating healthy meals is great but what can make or break us is snacking. Having healthy snacks on hand is very important in keeping a healthy lifestyle and Snackbox by makes it so easy! It only takes three easy steps:

1. Choose your plan: Monthly plan ($33/box), Three month ($27/box) and Six month ($24/box)

2. Tell them where to send the boxes.

3. Enjoy nutritious snacks and feel better.

Pretty simple if you ask me. Snackbox takes the grunt work of finding healthy snacks out of your hands and puts it in theirs. They’re gluten free, all natural and tasty! Not only will they satisfy your sweet and savoury tooth but will also nourish you. Great features of the Snackbox are:

  • They never choose snacks that have high fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated oils, trans fats or hidden sugars.
  • No additives, preservatives,  hormones or manufactured ingredients
  • The products are mostly vegan (contain no animal products)
  • Soy free

YES! How brilliant is this? All you do is sign up and wait for your box to be shipped to your door every month. If all that hasn’t convinced you to sign up then read to the end of this post and find a coupon code! Yup. I got a coupon code for you all. How kind of generous of

Currently they only ship these wonderful boxes in Canada and it usually takes less than four days. Your first Snackbox will ship immediately and thereafter will ship around the 15th of the month.

The featured brands in the May Snackbox were:

  • Simply Natural Salsa – This is was super happy about as this is my FAVORITE salsa! As you may have noticed I’m uber healthy and there are SO many salsas out there that contain added sugar. Why? It is so unnecessary. Well Simply Natural Salsa does not have any added sugar and it is jammed packed full of flavour.
  • RW Garcia – These were a great new snack for me. They are all natural tortilla chip dippers that are perfectly crafted for dipping in a big bowl of salsa. They are also verified non GMO! Bonus!
  • Rebar – This lovely bar contains eight servings of fruits and veggies, is organic, gluten free and vegan. Now this is a snack bar that I can get on board with. They are also processed at low temperatures to keep the nutrients in tact so we get the optimal amount of nutrients from it.
  • Life bites – They call them Life Bites, I call them bites of heaven. Banana and chocolate are one of the best combos out there. These are little bits of banana coated in chocolate and coconut. Wow. You had me at hello. They’re also local!
  • Kind snacks – These bars are made with whole nuts, seeds and fruits that you can see and pronounce. They are a great bar to pop into your purse (or bag) to have with you at all times when you need a little snack. Great healthy alternative to Cliff bars and other sugar laden bars. If you are vegan, watch out for the honey.
  • Happy Water – This water comes from two Canadian springs and is high in lithia, potassium and magnesium which promotes a sense of well being and joy. It’s also alkaline and refreshing. The company is also from Vancouver!

My favorites: The Simply Natural Salsa for sure, but I always loved them so if I had to choose, which is pretty tough as there are so many great items in the box, would have to be the RW Garcia dippers. I loved all the seeds and the shape of them. They weren’t your typical tortilla chip. The shape is made to fit perfectly into a jar of salsa and your mouth! These dippers have some really great features that are music for my foodie ears:

  • Certified non GMO corn
  • No trans fats
  • Their organic corn is certified from seed to milling (never heard of this but yah!)
  • The spices are non-irradiated and free of artificial ingredients
  • All of their products are wheat and gluten free

The highlighted features I pulled from their website are the most important from me. They are all important but on my radar in the last year and especially last 6 months has been ensuring that I eat the highest possible organic and non GMO diet I can. Now I have been introduced to a snack that will satisfy my savory craving but won’t sacrifice my beliefs.

The Life Bites were also up there in the fave department but it’s tough. Every snack was so yummy and none of them really competed with each other as each one was so unique. It’s not like they put two types of chocolate covered fruit bites.;) I kind of devoured them before I had a chance to snap a picture so here is one from their website:

This gem from Alive and Radiant Foods is my favorite NEW find. This line is called their Veggie Krunch line and I got the Sweet Onion. I have to tell you, my first impression was not the best. It was not negative in any way. And I’m talking about my first impression from reading the bag. Although a product that is gluten free, raw and vegan are definitely characteristics that I long for, the fact that they were onion chips is what was throwing me off. But I have full and utter confidence in my friends so I dove in head first. I gotta tell you, they were damn yummy and I am now a full fledged Veggie Krunch addict. YUM!

There were a few items in the box that were not vegan. That wasn’t a big deal to me. I just gave the non-vegan snacks to my friends and they got to try and love some new products that they had never had before. So win win all around. Currently the program is not customizable to your diet. Maybe that is in their future but I’m not sure.

Make sure you sign up to get your healthy eating on track! It’s super easy, convenient and we already know they’re healthy, so why not?

Eat better. Feel better.