Product Review In The Oven

In the Oven is run by two lovely ladies, Erica and Sami. They arrived in Vancouver from England in October with the idea of starting In the Oven in a vegan-friendly city. Vancouver is known for having a diverse range of cuisines from different cultures and taking care of almost every dietary restrictions possible. You can’t walk a block without running into a restaurant that has vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, raw, soy free, dairy free, etc etc etc. They chose the perfect city for their new adventure.

Erica and Sami gave me a sample of each of their 5 flavours of caramels: Lime, dark chocolate coffee, maple pecan, smoked salt and coconut.  I am quite a caramel fanatic so I was super excited to try these. Caramels are made using a variety of sugars and used in pudding, candy, ice cream, desserts, sauces and custards. Vegan caramels are really hard to come by and are considered a luxury item…by me, haha. I prefer a candy caramel, like straight up caramel or chocolate covered. The chewy, gooey goodness is what I love most about them.

It was really hard to choose a favourite. I’m actually not good at choosing my favourite for anything like movies or songs as so many are my favourite for different reasons and at different times. All of these caramels were chewy, gooey and ooey. All the characteristics of caramels that we love, these have them. Major bonus, they are vegan, gluten free and locally made! Those are magic words to my ears. After careful consideration, I declare the maple pecan as my favourite. I love the bold sweetness of the maple syrup and the crunchy, subtle flavour of the pecans. That being said, I really loved them all. I thought that I wouldn’t like the lime but I did. I didn’t think fruit would be a good addition but the tart sweetness really complimented the caramel. Quite lovely actually.

I ate one bite from each of the samples in the hopes that I would save them to have a bit or two every day till they were gone, but that didn’t happen. I put them in the fridge and only made it 10 minutes before devouring them all. So good!