How to Make a Moscow Mule

moscow muleAlthough the Moscow mule may sound like it came from Russia, it is actually a pure American made cocktail drink created by John Marin back in 1941.  The creation was somehow out of desperation in order to sell three products that were having very poor sales – ginger beer, copper mugs, and vodka.  John Marin sold ginger beer back at that time.  His friend on the other hand was selling copper mugs but was not really popular.  However, the act of desperation somehow inspired brilliant creativity in John Marin and thus the birth of the Moscow mule.

The Moscow mule is a concoction of ginger beer and vodka along with some lime juice and lime garnishes.  What makes this cocktail drink a very desirable drink to have is that it is very refreshing.  Essentially, the ingenuity of the inventor of the Moscow mule has helped to increase the sales of all three products, including his own ginger beer.

How to make a moscow mule minhas style, make sure you use only ginger beer and not ginger ale.  It is vital that you are able to distinguish the two as there is really a big difference when making the Moscow mule.  If you are unable to tell the difference between a ginger ale and ginger beer, you ought to try both products to get enlightened.  Once you’ve done that, you will surely know why ginger beer is necessary for making the Moscow mule.

How to Make a Moscow Mule:

2 oz. Vodka
½ oz. Lime Juice
4-6 oz. Ginger Beer

To concoct the Moscow mule, get a copper mug and pour half ounce of lime juice inside.  Then add some ice along with two ounces of vodka.  Fill the copper mug with ginger beer (not ginger ale), then stir the content.  Add some lime garnish.  Enjoy.